A powerful message from Ps. Gary Swenson concluding our 2019 “Home” conference. 

The Jigsaw Puzzle Part 6

Ps. Peter brings us part 6 of this series. This week- what is the church? What is our message? What is it that makes the church function?

The Jigsaw Puzzle- Part 4

Ps. Peter continues the series “The Jigsaw Puzzle” taking a lesson from the book of Jeremiah to bring encouragement that God is constantly remoulding and reshaping our lives.

The Jigsaw Puzzle- Part 3

Ps. Peter continues this series helping us understand how the pieces and complexities of life actually do work together when viewed from God’s perspective.

The Jigsaw Puzzle Part 2

Ps. Peter continues part 2 of this series. What makes life make sense? How do all the pieces fit together? What is it that truly brings assurance, confidence and fulfilment?

The Jigsaw Puzzle Part 1

Ps. Peter begins a new series called “The Jigsaw Puzzle.” How do the pieces of life begin to make sense? Coincidence or divine plan?

Blessed ???-part 2.

Blessed ???-part 2. Ps. peter Shurley continues with part 2 of a short series looking at what a blessed life truly is. This weeks’ teaching comes from the ‘Beatitudes’ in Matthew Chapter 5.