Give Me A Sign- Part 3

Ps. Peter Continues this series looking at the lessons from the “Miraculous Signs” that John records in his gospel.

Give Me A Sign- Part 2

Ps. Peter continues the series “Give Me A Sign”. God is a God of signs wonders and miracles, but what are the “signs” pointing to?

Give Me A Sign

Signs- Wonders- Miracles? Ps. Peter commences a series looking at the supernaturally miraculous ministry of Jesus and what it means to us today. 

Better Together

A timely message on the importance of community from Ps. Peter.

I See You

A stirring Mother’s Day Message from Ps. Peter

No More Excuses

A thought provoking and personally challenging message from Ps. Dan Upton.

No Reason To Worship

Ps.Peter brings a challenging message examining the true motivation for worship.


An inspiring message on Easter Sunday from Ps. Peter

God Is…

A powerful message from ps. Dan Upton. No matter what life looks like….. God is!