Focus- Part 1

At the beginning of a new year, Ps. Peter reminds us of the importance of focus.

Moving From Fear To Faith

Fear is not the opposite of faith- it is often the catalyst that propels us into the realm of supernatural faith.

Jesus- Son Of Man

In the lead up to Christmas, Ps. Peter asks the question; “Why did Jesus call himself the Son of Man 82 times in the New Testament?” Let’s unpack that in this message.

God Can – Part 5

Ps. Peter Wraps up the series with part 5 of “God Can’. What is the qualification to be used of God? Who does God choose?

God Can – Part 4

Ps. Peter continues the series God Can. In this message he challenges us with the truth that we (the people of the church today) are the Temple of God.

God Can – Part 3

Ps. Peter continues the series “God Can” and in this episode, looks at the life of Daniel and how God did the impossible in and through him.

God Can – Part 2

Ps. Peter continues the God Can series. Part 2 reminds us that in a culture of “over promise and under deliver” – God always over delivers!

God Can – Part 1

Ps. Peter commences a series pondering the supernatural ability of God and how our faith when it merges with God’s power sees the impossible made possible. 

What Fellowship Means To Me

A great panel discussion lead by Pastor Rose with Gary, Hanna, Adrian & Rhonda asking the question; “What does fellowship mean to me?”