From its very beginnings, Life Christian Church has been passionate about looking ‘outward’ and supporting people in both our local and global community – to see them reach their potential, to provide assistance where there was greatest need, and to generally just show the love of Christ through our actions.

Prior to founding the church in 2004, our senior pastor Peter Shurley had made dozens trips to a number of third-world countries with various organizations. Peter’s 25+ year partnership with Compassion Australia has also seen over 3000 children sponsored and released from poverty – a number that continues to grow. Peter’s passion for global missions is a strong thread that continues to be woven through the fabric of our church today.

Here’s a snapshot of what we’re doing:


This is home to over 50 orphaned or disabled people. We continue to support the work both financially and with regular visits, and over the years have been instrumental in covering both daily running costs and in developing the infrastructure required to house these beautiful people who would otherwise have to eke out an existence on the street.


The Karen Baptist Theological Seminary was established in 1845, and each year more than 1000 students attend to study both bachelor and masters courses before starting or joining the staff of local Karen churches.
Our people individually provide scholarships to 100 students every year, fully funding their living and educational expenses. Just $250 AUD per student per year is all it takes to make a big difference!